Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Messy self-portrait painting

Zephy, Stevie and I were wondering what to do when they both decided they wanted to paint. So I decided to draw a big self portrait of Zeph so they could paint on his clothes. They had other ideas!

I can pretty much guarantee that this happens every time I get the paints out. Zephy always ends up painting himself and not really painting what we started out doing. 

So I always have a warm bubbly bucket bath ready for after so I can dunk them in it and quite often they stay in the bucket playing for ages. The day we did this it was pretty chilly too.

The self portrait didn't really happen. So just to say that it doesn't really matter at all if what you started out to do doesn't end up how it should as long as it was fun along the way.

Happy messy painting love Tx