Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Another one!

Elfin 3 days old

I still can't quite believe that we are getting another baby but looking back at these photos is making me feel really excited. (Although I had a sick Zephy last night and so woke weary and realised that's how I'm going to be feeling every morning in about five months!)

We also found out on Thursday that it's a boy! So now I'm super excited. I never thought I'd be the sort of person to find out. But as this little monkey is a complete surprise and the kids really wanted to know, we decided to and it's been so lovely. The kids now talk to the bump as their little brother -  and it feels so much more real. 

Now we just need to think of a name...

Have a great Wednesday love Tess x

Zephy 3 weeks old

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  1. Woops accidentally removed comment - too much fiddling with blogger/ accounts - dont know what I'm doing!! So exciting Tess..... making me broody! HELP! XXX