Thursday 20 March 2014


The A.Mazing monster series has to be the weirdest yet most brilliant series of children's books that have ever been written. In 1977 Jim Slater spotted four drawings on his kitchen noticeboard, drawn by his ten year old son Christopher. His imagination was sparked and he scribbled down the first story, The Great Gulper. A week later Christopher had illustrated the whole story and so the first book was born. They went on to write another fifteen stories and the books went on to be bestsellers in the UK, USA and Japan. 

We just love the A. Mazing Monster books here at KidPlayDo. Zeph (age 4¾) in particular is a huge fan and is completely fascinated with the drawings. He says Swiggo is his favorite because he's so funny, a fishy monster with a long nose who has issues with drinking water. Elf's favorite is Rainbow who can change things into the colours of the rainbow - who wouldn't want to be able to do that?

Each book is based around a different monster but all feature Mr A. Mazing, the monster expert who is often called upon by the Queen or The Prime Minister to help with a monster problem. He usually knows exactly what's needed but sometimes has to consult his friends, Mr A. Stonishing, Mr A. Musing and Mr A. Larm! 

The A.Mazing monster books are available to buy as a box-set here and make an excellent gift for the kid who has everything.


  1. where can i get this set and how much. i am in London UK

  2. Wish I could still find these books available, an important part of my childhood.

  3. They were relaunched at some point over 10 years ago, and the website to order them is still online:

    Maybe they are printed again near Christmas time. Hopefully so.
    The original 70's/80's version seem to sell for up to £50 each (I', looking at you Greeneye)!!!