Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bird Kite

Download the bird kite here

Once upon a time we wrote a book called The Happy Campers. We set out to inspire people to camp purely for the fun of it, encouraging folk to relax about needing the right equipment or the perfect tent for a force nine gale. We admitted to bailing if the weather got too bad and suggested games to play if you felt like sitting it out. We wrote about fun things to do and stars to spot and we filled it with photographs of our lives and our adventures. We weren't sure if people were going to get it. But they did and we were very happy campers.

After the book came promotion opportunities and offers of TV deals but it never really felt, well, us. 

But one bit of promotion we did at Camp Bestival at Lulworth Cove was a really memorable experience. We put a little sign up outside our marquee expecting one or two kids to turn up to our bird kite making workshop (page.166 in The Happy Campers) and this is what happened...

It was as you can see a runaway success! luckily we'd done a large print run of the kite page as we were planning on flyering them or else there would have been some very disappointed children. Kat just about held her nerve in front of such a big crowd and the kids were absolutely mesmerized. It made our day and set us up for our other planned workshops - pinata extravaganza, tipi painting sessions and crazy races.

So now we present our little bird kite for you to have a go yourself. Go here to our templates section and click on the picture for a larger version. Left click on the large image and save to your computer. Feel free to print it out as many times as you like but please don't sell our images.

We hope to bring you more fun cut out and make projects to do with your own children. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

We went for a walk...

...and this is our new friend! It always amazes me the enjoyment the children get from just being outside. Even in the drizzle their little faces light up and they look so beautiful and happy.

Monday, 27 January 2014

For Just One Day

'For just one day I'd like to be a busy buzzing bumble bee'

For just one day, by Laura Leck, is a wonderfully simple tale. It's perfect for preschoolers with short attention spans who can shout out the animals the characters wish to be and it has a lovely sentiment at the end; the best person to be is always yourself. But what we like most about it is that it's brilliantly illustrated by Kidmakedo favorite Marc Boutavant. His drawings are loaded with personality and character, and there is so much to explore on every page. Who would you be?

Available at The Book Depository

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bobo Choses SS 2014

We're loving the latest look-book from Bobo Choses. You can practically feel the sun coming off these pictures. Roll on summer!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Let Us Begin

You might wonder why our blog was established in 2007... 29th March 2007 to be exact. The first of our kids was born. Tess was a mum (and I was a proud auntie) for the first time. It was the start of a very big adventure.