Thursday, 29 May 2014

Watercolours For Toddlers

I had to think twice before posting this little tip - it's just so simple that it hardly seems worth it, but it is pretty handy, so for anyone who hasn't thought about it before here it is...

If you have a two year old like me who loves to paint then the quickest way is to set them up with a watercolour set. However, as I found, watercolour paints need LOTS of water, and my little one couldn't quite grasp the concept of putting water on the paint each and every time she went back for more, which led to a frustrated child asking for the 'big paint' - not always an option if you're in the middle of cooking dinner. So to get round this I poured a little pool of water on each pan of colour and voila, constant, vibrant paint with no chance of a water cup tipping, no mess and minimum cleaning up. Painting smock still firmly hanging in the cupboard, child amused for at least 20 mins and dinner on the table. It's a small victory but a good one! 

I picked up our watercolour set for a couple of pounds from Tiger

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