Monday, 26 May 2014

Rainy Day Muesli

As it was raining after school Zephy and I decided to make some muesli. A lovely afternoon was spent cutting, bashing, grinding, mixing and then tasting our wares.

To make muesli you can add whatever you fancy to oats. 
Our ingredients are as follows

a bag of jumbo rolled oats
a bag of porridge oats
a bag of dried apricots (expertly cut up by Zeph)
some sunflower,pumpkin and flax seeds (ground by Zeph)
some sultanas
soem almonds
some brazil nuts (bashed by zeph)

you could add
some toasted flakes
some goji berries
some cacoa nibs
some cashews
some dates

Zephy really enjoyed cutting the apricots, bashing the brazils and then mixing it all up and sinking his hands into the muesli and enjoying the feel of it slipping through his fingers.

We then decided we should probably try it so we had muesli for supper and both thought it was delicious....mmmmm.

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