Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Spoon Puppets

Elf asked for a puppet show for her birthday party and so they came over to my house one afternoon and we had a lot of fun creating these crazy little characters who are each based on her and her friends. The resulting show was a big success and the kids even laughed at our terrible jokes!

You'll need -

a wooden spoon
thin card
a pen
a glue gun and glue sticks 
pipe cleaners
coloured tape (optional)
fabric scraps
buttons or tiddly winks for eyes
wool for hair
jewels and feathers for decoration

Now you're read to decorate!

We used scraps of fabric to fashion dresses, sleeves and aprons and glued them all on with the glue gun (What a genius invention!) We also glued on sequins and plastic gems for some extra sparkle.

For the hair we loosely wound some wool, tied it off and glued it on. Then we added hair accessories to make them come to life. We had a lot of fun making these guys! Kx


  1. I love every thing about your puppets…they're so well done and beautiful!

  2. thank you breadbyjr and trixi! x

  3. Love them .. will try out with my play date kids