Monday, 12 January 2015

Around The World With Mouk

I'm not sure why I didn't get a shot of the cover of this lovely book before I wrapped it up for Christmas but hey ho there's plenty of lovely interior pictures for you to enjoy. I bought this for Zeph this year but I happen to know quite a few little people who own it. It's just such a cool book with so much gorgeous detail to pour over. It reminds me of the legendary Richard Scarry series which used to keep me entertained for hours as a kid. The book follows little Mouk the bear on his travels through eleven countries around the world, learning about different cultures through all the colourful characters he meets. As a bonus the book also includes reusable stickers so your little one can interact with the scenes and have adventures of their own. 

You can also watch Mouk as he has his own tv series!

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  1. We love Mouk here too! And for Christmas I bought to my son this one :
    which is really sweet and poetic!