Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Potato Races

We have been getting ready for Pancake Day (March 4th) in our house. Only we don't practice with pancakes we do it with potatoes! The kids love it and it seems to keep them occupied for ages. They often ask to play it after school as it means they can run around and burn off some energy. We just play it outside our house on the street.

What you need -

some potatoes or onions or boiled eggs or what ever you have in the veggie cupboard
some chalk
some spoons - Zephy uses soup ladles and Elfin uses big silver spoons

What you do -

draw a start line and a finish line on the pavement with the chalk and then start the races - get them to run, hop, skip, scoot, flip the spuds, do all the previous in slow motion, time the races and then get them to think of their own variations.

Its actually like egg and spoon races but it feels like pancake practice as its nearly here....woop woop, cant wait ....pancake recipe coming soon.

Happy potato racing x

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