Thursday, 7 May 2015

Let's Make... House Pictures

Making house pictures is easy and fun! It's also a great opportunity to learn our shapes. Just cut squares and circles for windows and doors and a triangle for the roof. Use a glue stick to attach and felt tips to add detail. (Stevie says a mouse lives in this one)

Tip - For a 'treat' sprinkle cinnamon on your apple! Plate from here.


Friday, 1 May 2015

Collections Part I

One of our favourite things is to collect treasure. Kat and I are avid car-booters and we are now passing this habit on to our children.
When we go out on walks, on holidays or just exploring we love to collect things. You can also make collections at home with buttons, jewels and and sparkly bits you have lying around.

Spring flowers, shells, pretty glass found in the sand, leaves, dead starfish, feathers and plastic from the beach. Its a great way for you to get the kids to learn about their surroundings and also walk without too much moaning.

As they get older, when you get home you can give them a board, tray or plate and they can make the treasure they've collected into a display and photograph it themselves.

Its a lovely reminder of your day and great fun.

Happy hunting love Tess x